• Centrifugal Sewage Pump

    Centrifugal Sewage Pump

    Low Volume Submersible Pump widely used in farm irrigation ,water supply-drainage system for factory and mines ,providing human beings and animals with drinking water in plateau or mountation areas by lifting water for under ground



    heat pump is a new product developed for the thermal network system of thermal power plants. It has good anti-cavitation performance, high temperature resistance, stable and reliable operation, long service life, etc. It is the ideal product of the thermal network system of thermal power generating units. , It can also be used in petrochemical industry, environmental protection projects.

  • Condensate pump

    Condensate pump

    Condensate pump Advantage: Vertical multistage pump The impeller is enclosed Application: Type Vertical Condensate Pump are used for pumping condensating water in condenser of thermal (nuclear) plant



    Petro Chemical pumps are suitable for transferring water and similar to the water of petrochemical products or containing a small amount of particles of liquid, low temperature or high temperatureliquid, neutral or corrosive liquid.

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