• Mask Making Machine

    Mask Making Machine

    Mask making machine The production line realizes the full automatic production of plane masks, mainly including coil material feeding, folding and pressing, nose bar feeding, mask forming, Mask cutting, ear band feeding and welding, complete the whole production process from raw materials to finished mask. The produced masks are comfortable to wear, no pressure, good filtering effect of masks, fit the face shape of people, and can be applied to medical, electronic, Mining, construction and other industries.

  • Medical Infrared Thermometer

    Medical Infrared Thermometer

    Infrared Thermometer Instant reading; Quick measurement, get reading in 1 second. Adopt the latest algorithm with optimised temperature calibration function. Accurate and reliable; ±0.2ºC High accuracy. Smart and Intelligent; One-button easy operation. Tri-color back light, display green, orange & red with fever alarm function. Memory function; Memory recall of 35 reading. Multi function design, can measure forehead/ear, room, object temperature. Switching between mute and un-mute. Switching between Fahrenheit and Celsius. Automatic shutdown and power saving.

  • Dry Ice Making Machine

    Dry Ice Making Machine

    Feature of dry ice production machine: 1. Exquisite design with stainless steel shell, only 1/2 land occupation (0.6m3) than other similar dry ice machine products. 2. Full automatic CPU control system and advanced hydraulic system design with imported components used, the dry ice pelletizer is more reliable.

  • Fruit Skin Removing Machine Automatic Fruit Peeling Machine

    Fruit Skin Removing Machine Automatic Fruit Peeling Machine

    Multi-functional peeling machine Fruit Skin Removing Machine Automatic Fruit Peeling Machine Our automatic peeling machine is available to peel medium size fruits to big size fruits such as medium size fruits apples,pears,kiwi,oranges,citrus,lemon,grape fruit,persimmon and other 20 kinds of fruits and vegetables.Can peel the fruits all around but without damage to fruits.

  • Soap making machine

    Soap making machine

    Laundry Soap Making Machine Introduction: 1. This laundry soap production line take soap noodles(soap bar) as raw materials. 2. The production starts with mixing soap bar,perfume pigment and,etc. 2. Then the mixed soap noodles enters in the three roller mill by conveyor belt, where soap thin sheets are made. 3. The soap thin sheet then converted into desired long strip soap by the plodder machine. 4. Then the long strip soap are cut into the soap bars required size by cutting machine(there are two kinds of cutting machine.One is mechanical.The other is automatic). 5. Finally, the soap bars gets packed by packing machine if needed. 6. Soap bars can be made 60g,120g,200g,260g,and so on

  • Food potato chip fryer machine

    Food potato chip fryer machine

    Main Features 1.Vacuum frying machine is widely used in the production and processing of fruit crisps, the whole process of core equipment. 2.Its vacuum 500Pa can be achieved, thereby reducing the frying temperature, enhanced heat transfer efficiency, saving energy, and the quality of the final product has also been improved. 3.High vacuum to avoid excessive infiltration of oil materials, so the final product more than other similar products are crisp and delicious. 4.The shape of chips is more flat and the color, flavor and nutrition are finer. 5.The content of oil is lower. It is an ideal vacuum fryer.

  • Liquid carbon dioxide storage tank

    Liquid carbon dioxide storage tank

    Liquid carbon dioxide storage tank Liquid carbon dioxide storage tank can be classified into polyurethane foaming insulation tank and the vacuum powder adiabatic tank according to different adiabatic method, the designed working temperature is - 40℃, its main material can be OCr18Ni9 or 16MnDR according to the different working condtion.

  • Modified Treatment And Annealing Furnace

    Modified Treatment And Annealing Furnace

    Equipment use: The production line is mainly used for a variety of engine crankshaft, connecting rod and a variety of vehicles in the front beam, axle, axle casing, long rod parts, steel bar, annealing, quenching and tempering treatment,

  • Brazing Furnace

    Brazing Furnace

    Production line can be available to continuous brazing aluminum radiator Equipment use: Brazing of stainless steel, carbon steel, red cooper, aluminum alloy component, etc. Braze Welding Production line including washing machine, brazing flux spraying, air knife dry, brazing flux drying, water-cooling, air-cooling, etc

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